CRAFTLAND Persian Blue
Spring 2021, Vol. 1


We have different categories for crafts, such as Traditional craft, Contemporary craft, new craft, cutting-edge craft, utilitarian craft, multidisciplinary craft and so on. Within each of these fields, Iraninan handicrafts grasp the attention. There are brands which provide handicraft  accessories, clothing, home decorative objects and so on. The materials are a wide variety as well, including felt, glass, ceramic, leather, cotton, wood, metal & paper. There are several techniques including Golabatun doozi, embroidery, khus embroidery and mirror embroidery, lamp working, wood turning, metal etching, enameling, needle work, weaving, dyeing, wicker, ikat. 

We aim to continue introducing famous and infamous brands who are actively designing, producing and trading within the industry.

Culture & Tourism

There are different aspects on persian culture which all have a thousand untold tales. We we would like to make you familiar with Iranian archiecture, museum, handwoven products, calligraphy, miniature and book decoration art, cuisine, eco tourism, entrepreneurs, travel agencies, style and craft stores. All of which contain interesting stories.

We also have two surprises in each issue;
Craft Talk: where we bring an expert to open a discussion regarding the challenges in today’s craft.
and the product where our team has designed and made an object tailored to each issue.

Culture & Tourism of Craftland


Our team is full of talented designers and artisans who would love to bring their ideas into reality.


A vast number of listed & unlisted buildings such as mosques, museums, martyrdoms and their hidden features.


More than 600 private and public museums in Iran hold valuable assets from the entire Persian history and art.

Miniature & Book Decoration

The essence of Iranian art can be seen in Miniature, Tazhib, Tashir, Negargari, Golo Morgh and so on.


Calligraphy is writing along with creating beauty such as Naskh, Suls, Muhaqqiq, Cuneiform and so on.


Kilim, Carpet, Rug, Gabbe, Jajimare different types of handwoven products.

Traditions & Ceremonies

Traditional Ceremonies are related to a time of the year, astrological readings, or a story.


Iranians have adapted their traditional lifestyle and fashion to the requirements of the modern world.

Craft & Sustainability

It’s all about the environment and nature. We introduce artisans who are trying to practice sustainable craft.

Rural Entrepreneurs

Craftland promotes people who are working hard in the countryside to grow their craft business.


We introduce countryside locations where tourists are keen to visit, away from the hassle of big cities.

Travel Agency

Iran is amongst the most convenient travel destinations and provides you with a unique experience.


All tastes matter. we also offer grand luxurious hotels where you receive high-quality services.


flavors from all over Iran each  are well known as delicious souvenirs for tourists.

Craft Store

Modern Craft stores provide an elegant and appealing experience that matches the taste of contemporary people.

Craft Talk

We invite experts to come and share their experiences with others as communication is the key.

Our collaborators in this issue

42 Co-operating Bodies

have been helping us to form this issue.

41 Contributing Authors

have helped us to be able to provide you all of these content.

30 Brands

have been showcasing Iranian handicrafts

20 Different Cities

Our team members were located in 14 different cities in Iran and 6 cities outside of Iran.

About us

Craftland's Vision & Mission

Who are we?

We are a young group of people from Iran who came together from all over the world, to form an experienced team to eventually reach a common goal: promoting Iran’s craft, art & culture. Our team travels in Iran’s history, culture, and art. We choose products very carefully, to show you a glimpse of a huge sea from a very tiny window. In our path, we benefit from the help of professors and experts as consultants.
Our collective consists of talented people from different fields, including craftsmen, artists, designers. Craftland is an independent institution that started its activities in 2019 and established its magazine in 2021. Its young and energetic team tries to promote Iranian art & culture to the international community.
Craftland started by focusing on Iranian handicrafts and it does not consider itself the only representative of Iran, but rather tries to represent the handicrafts of the vast land of the Iranian plateau, which includes many countries. That’s why we believe in the power of being together.

What do we do?

Craftland is a land with no borders. The land in which the imaginary boundaries devised by politicians can not confine Iranian culture and art. This land is away from politics, enmity, and hatred. Craftland wants to be the narrator of artists and the Iranian culture. We hope to open the window of friendship and cooperation with the world and take a step to show the beautiful image of our country in the international arena. 
Iranian handicrafts behold their predecessors, generations of different ethnicities and races who lived on the Iranian plateau. Handicrafts have roots in the myths, beliefs, and physiological needs of people. With the onset of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, people all over the world are increasingly becoming eager to get closer to nature and its immediate life, look back at the traditions of their predecessors, and try to be in unity with the world. 
We travel from north to south, east to west of Iran, and try to collect several aspects of Iranian handicrafts, culture, and tourism. A wide range of people work with us to tell the story of Made-in-Iran handicraft brands, handicraft shops, rural entrepreneurs, hotels, and ecotourism. The other part of this magazine shows the pure culture of this region from architecture to calligraphy and writing, painting and book decoration, museum, hand-woven, cooking, style, ceremonies, and so on. Based on the concept of each volume, we will also surprise you with a tailored craft product designed and produced by the Craftland team. By doing so, we develop the cultural economy and improve Iranian artisans’ business.

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