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Motifs and Geometric Designs

Professor Jaleh Amouzgar, the great teacher of mythology, was born in Khoy in 1940, she is titled the “Great Lady of Ancient Iranian Studies”, researcher, translator, and mythological writer. Lady Amouzgar is fluent in English, French, Turkish, Pahlavi, and Avestan. She received her Ph.D. in ancient language from the Sorbonne University in France and, after more than 50 years of teaching as a full professor, today is retired. She is a member of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature, Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia, and the Institut Français de Recherche en Iran in Iran.
Dr. Amoozgar has more than 13 books, 64 Persian and English articles, 29 lectures at international scientific conferences, and is a member of the editorial board of 8 domestic publications in her activities, including translating the book “Persian Mythology”. The “A Lifetime of Distinguished Effort” Awards by the International Association of Iranian Studies, The National Order of the Legion of Honour (French: Ordre national de la Légion d’honneur), and the Iranian Cypress Award by the Iranian Studies Association of the University of Tehran are some of the honors of this educated and noble lady.
After studying abroad, she realized she could not abandon her homeland and returned to Iran. In this regard, she says: “I am happy to belong to the land of Iran and I believe that Iranian are appreciative, an Iranian opens their heart to you just in time. We have always been here, sometimes we were quieted by force, but we did not surrender then eventually we raised our heads high and blossomed. By keeping our rituals alive, we have not allowed our roots to dry out and be neglected. We have breastfed our motherland in the worst of circumstances to keep her proud.”

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